About Us

Goseva Parivar is dedicated to spreading awareness and education regarding utilizing mother cow as well as to use Gomata to become self-reliant on farming and energy production for everyday uses. Working to resolve issues using outside-the-box problem solving, we’ve established various types of programs and campaigns that we feel are most likely to succeed in addressing the problem. By building cow shelter for Gomata we are effortlessly collecting Cow Dung, Urine which is, in turn, generating Biogas with the help of our constructed Biogas plant. Uses of Cow Dung and Urine doesn't get stopped here. With the help of our 4pit composed tank, we are making manure that can be utilized for farming without harming the environment. These projects are helping farmers to reduce their utility bill as well as the farming cost, which in return giving them more economic freedom.

Goseva Parivar is registered under section 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961. Click here to download the certificate.


  • Goseva Parivar wants to see all the Mother Cow and its progeny live a full and happy life.
  • We want to help the owner of the Mother Cow become prosperous through her dung and urine and keep her forever.
  • Present Mother Cow as a necessity as well as a status symbol, irrespective of caste, creed, religion, state, and nation.
  • We aspire to re-establish her as the Mother of Universe.