Adopt a Farmer

Adopt a Farmer In an effort to provide healthy and prosperous life to farmers and Mother Cow. This program is intended to encourage people adequately learn how agriculture works by taking help from Mother Cow.

What we do:

  • We construct biogas plant for the adopted farmer.
  • We build Cow Shelter flooring for him, so he can collect Cow dung and urine effectively for use in a biogas plant, to make organic manure.
  • We provide knowledge and importance of Cow-based farming so they can improve their economic condition by managing expenses in the utility bill and reducing farming cost.

Each of this project's raw materials is Cow dung and urine so this high demand will help to provide Mother Cow a safe and prosperous life and improve the farmer and his family's economic prosperity. In a single word, this project of ours is focused on implementing the idea of “Serving Mother Cow is to serve humanity".

Donation Amount: 15,000.00

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