Adopt a Village

If you seriously considering contributing something back to the society or communities and want to help Mother Cow in the way of helping humanity, you can contemplate adopting a village for some specific duration.

What we do:

  • In the beginning, we select ten farmers from each of our adopted village.
  • We construct biogas plant, manure pit, cow shelter floors for them.
  • We educate them regarding the uses of these tools and why they need to use biogas and organic manure for economic prosperity and how their work can affect health and environment.

Our primary goal of this project is to spread awareness regarding how Mother Cow can help the condition of living of a farmer. We are certain that people will follow the success story of our trained farmers and they will further learn and spread the use of Cow dung and urine to other areas of farming and energy generation and this can assure a sustainable life of Mother Cow.

Donation Amount: 1,50,000.00

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