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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Goseva Parivar. Our vision of building Cow based self-reliant village is getting exceptional support across the nation. We are helping people to get an unlimited amount of energy, organic manure for their everyday use by using Cow dung, urine. This method of ours not only helping the environment, it further helps poor villagers to reduce expenses of farming, energy bill and making them more economically stable. The high demand we have created for cow dung, urine proving Mother Cow a safe place to spend her life as well, even if she is non-productive.


Our fundraisers, volunteers, and supporters play a vital part in the work we do to rescue vulnerable Cow. Goseva Parivar empowers Cow lovers, students, professionals, and adventure seekers to travel and make a difference by volunteering for Mother Cow. Regardless of your location, there are many ways for Cow advocates like you to make a positive difference in their need.


Many people joined us in the last few days and the number is still growing to take responsibility for making more village economically stable, health conscious and environmentally friendly by taking help from Mother Cow. We have anticipated that we can bring every single family of 20,000 villages of Bengal under the umbrella of our Cow-based self-reliant village by the year 2020.  Join our growing family of individuals and groups who are willing to build more Cow-based village. Let us join our hands to serve humanity by serving Mother Cow. People who are willing to take participate in our purpose, please fill up the form and submit. We will get back to you soon.

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