Goshala Darshan


We’re always told to show kindness towards everyone needs that extra love and support. At shelter houses a variety of needy Cow who are looking for some help from concerned humans. From the commencement of our organization till today our goal is to provide Gomata a livable place where no one would sell her for non-productiveness. We are continuing our efforts till today by reaching out to various needy Goshalas who expect economic and volunteer assistance from us. Goseva Parivar is becoming a beacon towards preserving the life of Gomata.

Gogram Darshan


To make this movement a revolution, we take new members to the Patherhudi and showcase the differences we have been able to make in the lives of hundreds of villagers and Gomata. We started with a single village, now are working in nearby 10+ villages. We are also developing volunteers who are working towards taking this mission across the length and breadth of the country.

Ek Shaam Gomata Ke Naam (GoMahotsav)


This is our annual event where we discuss and organize plans to promote a healthy life of Gomata. Our interactive session holds different varieties of the cultural program. We expect your presence in this programme so we can spread much more awareness regarding the betterment of human life by serving Mother Cow.

Book promotion


We understand you require sufficient knowledge regarding our mission, which is providing a better life to Gomata. With the help of our volunteer force, we often organize events related to promotion of books and other medium so you can have a vast knowledge regarding our cause, before joining hand with us.

Biogas plant Construction


Biogas is a biofuel and it generally refers to the gas produced from organic matter as it is broken down by biological means.Goseva Parivar puts all its heart and mind into building biogas plants. Because they can provide an unlimited amount of energy for household purpose without costing a fortune to the poor farmers. Our well-designed biogas systems protect the environment and provide economic returns. Biogas systems also convert methane which is powerful Green House Gas (GHG) emission into a useful resource.

Go Gram


With the vision to make a sustainable community, we have taken help of Mother Cow. We can make self-reliant community when we can offer two basic necessities for home, food and power. To achieve this cause we are taking help of Mother Cow. By building Cow shelter we are collecting Cow-Dung (Gobar), Cow-Urine (Gomutra) effectively and then producing Biogas and organic manure from our constructed Biogas plant and Manure pit as per vedic principles. This helps poor families to expand their economic status as well as it's making patharhudi an example of the self-reliant village as we are no longer depending on synthetic manure or gas produced from the non-renewable energy source.

Go Gras collection (in Urban Area)


GOSEVA PARIVAR has been daily collecting GOGRAS (Eatables for a cow like Roti, Green Vegetables, Dry Grains, Gur, etc.) from door to door and then sending it to the needy Goshala (Cow Shelter Home) on the same day from 25th July 2017. Till date, this daily collection is done from 1,000+ families and still growing. We are collecting 400 Kgs of eatables every day and transporting them in needy Goshalas.

Monthly Kirtan


Kirtan is a pleasant, interactive, and divine musical event. We revolve mild tunes in an energetic call and response style carrying a spiritual relationship with our heart and spirit every single month. It is a simple process for even a new practitioner to experience quite profound and delightful meditative states. The definite vibration in the music along with the community energy is appealing and will uplift even the quiet spectator.

Cow Shelter Flooring


The floor of the individual cow shade is mostly of mud, which makes it difficult to maintain and most importantly impossible to collect Cow Dung and Urine. This two element is extremely valuable to produce energy and manure. Our Cow shelter flooring system works flawlessly to collect Cow Dung and Urine so we can produce Biogas and organic manure. This also provides Gomata a safe, secure and healthy place where she can spend her entire life without worrying about her nonproductiveness.

Promotion of Panchgavya Product/Literature


There are numerous numbers of products out there made out of Panchgavya (Milk, Curd, Ghee, Gobar, and Gomutra) and we are pushing our limits to supply those products of Gomata to your doorstep. Our vision is not just simply making and delivering the product, but to reach out to those peoples who aren't aware of the literature of Mother Cow. We are glad of walking an extra mile to promote, to spread that knowledge to the people who don't recognize or doesn't know about "Mother cow literature".