Activities in City

Monthly review meeting of Kolkata karykarta

The monthly review meeting was held on 12th October’19 from 2 p.m. to to 6:00 p.m. and attended by 14 dedicated karyakartas at the Eden group office in Kolkata The action plan made during the meeting were:

  • Construction of 300 small ponds in the villages in the next 3 months.
  • Plan to make high quality nursery for tree plantation
  • Formation of three groups to delegate responsibilities of media (newsletter,  website, videos), marketing (concept and products), liasoning with government authorities and supervision of groundwork at the villages.
    The karyakartas also made a commitment of the number of days they would be able to devote every month to visit the villages for development work.

Go-bhakti Satsang was started in November 2014, and the tradition has been continuing every month since then. The motive of Go- Satsang for city dwellers instil the feeling of Go- Bhakti and attach them to Go- Seva.

Gogras Collection

With the extinction of the tradition to take out Go-gras ( first chappati for the cow) and in order to save this tradition, Go-gras is been collected from household and taken to the cowshed (goshala). Since 2016, about 1500 families have joined this initiative, and about 250,000 kgs and more Go grass is being sent to cowsheds till now.

Village trips

To involve city dwellers with Go-Gram vikas project, frequent village trips or Gram Yatras are organized. On an average 15 or more village trips are organized every year.

Initiate and guide all village activities

The real house of Govansh is with the farmers. Unaware of the benefits of Gobar and Gomutra the farmers used to keep the cow for her milk and non-milking cows were sold. The farmers are being taught the benefits of Gobar and Gomutra. The team of volunteers get constant guidance from Govigyan Anusandhan Kendra, Devalapar, IIT Kharagpur, Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Kalyani and several other experts in this field.

Market panchgavya products of the cottage industry

Various villagers and goshalas are producing Panchgavya (cow related) products which is being marketed. The result is thousands of families in Kolkata are using Gobar made dhoop, Gomutra, Ark., Gomutra byproduct like go-nyle etc. Frequently, Go-sahitya (cow-literature) is also promoted and advertised. Till now four books have been published.

Provide (go-vansh) cattle to villagers

Trained and poor villagers who understand the utility of gomutra and gobar but do not required go-vansh, are being provided. Till now 206 cows have been donated, 175 are oxen who never give milk. Out of these 175 oxen, 100 are from India – Bangladesh border who were being smuggled but rescued by the B.S.F. and did not have any place to go. Now our farmers are raising them with affection for Gobar and Gomutra.