Activities in Village

Training farmers in low cost farming

Thousands of farmers are quitting farming every year, as it is no more a lucrative proposition for them. Rising cost of seeds, chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides, deterioration of soil due to constant use of chemicals and water shortage, are the main reasons for their poverty. The farmers are being taught the benefits of multiple organic farming through the use of Gobar and Gomutra and other organic products which are easily available to them. More than 500 farmers are benefitted from organic farming and are yielding good results, this cuts the cost of the farming and increases their yield. Along with the yield the quality of crops have also improved a lot. Diseased crops and attack of termites have also reduced.

Installation of bio gas plants

Biogas plant (gobar-gas plant) provides clean and free fuel for the farmer’s household. The women-folk in the villages would normally have to go to the jungle to collect firewood which took up 3 to 4 hours of their time daily. The installation of biogas plant in their home have saved time and effort of the women, provided easy to use, clean and free fuel, thereby bringing happiness in their life. The slurry of biogas is considered as the best quality of organic manure and is used by the farmers in the field. In the last 3 years about 85 farmer families have been provided with biogas plant.

Plantation of fruit garden

Under the guidance of Goseva pariwar, about 1000 farmers have been encouraged for fruit tree plantation as it is economically more beneficial for them. More than 40,000 fruit bearing trees were planted in the fields and land of 1000+ farmers in the month of July 2019. In view of the financial and health benefits of Moringa plants (Sahjan) special emphasis was given in growing these.

Rain water and soil conservation

In order to help grow multiple crops in a year, farmers are encouraged make small pond in their field to save the rain water and conserve rich top-soil which is otherwise washed off with the rain water. The long term benefit of this is that the underground water table is rising and the quality of underground water is also improving. We have undertaken the target of making 1000 new ponds by March 2020.

Develop agriculture and cow based cottage industry

Various villagers are producing Panchgavya (cow related) products like gomay dhoop, Gomutra Ark, go-nyle, tooth powder, soap, ash for cleaning utensils, etc. More than 1000 families have stopped using dish wash detergent bar and are now using Gomay bhasm (Ash). About 1100 families are making In house Gomay Dant Manjan (Dental powder) because of which the purchase of dental powder has stopped.

This year during Diwali household female have made 4000 gobar diyas within a span of one month. These products are being used by the villagers and also marketed in the city.

Medical treatment based on cow products

In our experience medical benefits from use of cow products (panch gavya) has been miraculous. More than 3000 villages have benefited from Gomutra. Various disease related to the stomach such as gas, acidity, constipation etc, have got relief, more than 50 persons have got relief from diabetes and more than 100 from various skin diseases. Several allergies have also got cured. Medical expenditure of several farmer’s families have come down drastically. With the intake of Gomutra more than 50 people have stopped having alcohol. The result of this is that people who used to make country liquor have started Gopalan and are now taking Gomutra. Now they are selling Gomutra and earning more than alcohol.

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