Farmers’ Training

Most of the farmers are ignorant about the use of Gobar and Gomutra in their daily life which includes farming, fuel, healthcare and home-care requirements. In our training course we share the know-how about the use of gobar and gomutra and how the farmer and his family can live a self-sustainable, healthy and prosperous life forever from non-milking cows.

Only one or two members are selected from each self-help group or farmers’ club from nearby villages to make a batch of 30 to 40 participants. The training is done in any one of the participating villages, which is convenient to all the participants. Date and time schedule is fixed as per the convenience of the participants. It is a 40 hours training spread over five to seven days. The course includes theoretical and practical sessions on following topics:

  1. Cow based agriculture
  2. Cow based energy or fuel
  3. Cow based healthcare
  4. Cow and agriculture based cottage industry and employment
  5. Cow care


  • Self-dependence in villages
  • Preservation of Mother Cow
  • Prosperity of farmers and the villages
  • Poison free organic produce
  • Environmental protection
  • Better health and nutrition
  • Employment generation within the village
  • Strengthens Country’s economy

Achievement: We have a team of expert trainers who organise and conduct training programs in villages across West Bengal. Till January 2020 we have completed 31 training camps with participation of 750 farmers from 450 villages. So far 500 farmers have shifted from chemical to organic farming. Nearly 3000 families have benefited from using Cow-based healthcare and home-care products in their practical life.

Next target: Though the requirement for Training is huge but keeping in mind the limitation of the number of trainers, this year Goseva Parivar has taken an ambitious target of organising and conducting another 30 training camps, which will go a long way in preservation of Mother Cow and ensuring economic growth of the farmers of West Bengal.

How can you help us?

  1. You can spread the message of Farmers’ training among your contacts
  2. You can contribute towards the Farmers’ training
  3. You can share your knowledge about Farmers’ training
  4. You can join us as a volunteer by donating quality time
  5. You can write a blog on this topic
  6. You can share any idea for improvement