Go-Gram Yatra

City dwellers are ignorant about the difficulties of farmers and the villages and the cows living with them. Also the village based activities of Goseva Parivar cannot be understood without them seeing it with our own eyes. The Go-Gram Yatras are meant to serve both the needs.

Almost every month a whole day trip to a village in Keshiary Block of West Midnapore, West Bengal is organized, where the participants bear the cost of the trip. An interactive session is held with the villagers to understand their situation and the results of the initiatives taken by Goseva Parivar through Farmers’ Training, Biogas Plant, Tree Plantation, Rain-water harvesting, Cow-donation etc.


  • It is learning experience with fun
  • Better understanding about the activities of Goseva Parivar
  • Empathy with villages, farmers, Cows and Nature
  • Realise the importance of villages in our life.
  • Encourages the farmers as they feel connected with the outside world
  • Creates bonding amongst the members of Goseva Parivar

Achievement: More than 500 people have participated so far in such trips.

Next target: To continue such trips and increase the numbers.

How can you help us?

  1. You can spread the message of Go-Gram Yatra among your contacts
  2. You can participate in the upcoming Go-Gram Yatra.
  3. You can share a bhajan or knowledge on Gomata in Go-Gram Yatra.
  4. You can join us as a volunteer by donating quality time.
  5. You can write a blog on this topic
  6. You can share any idea for improvement.