Go-shala Darshan

City dwellers do not get an opportunity to see Go-Mata (Mother Cow). This activity is to bring the city dwellers closer to Mother Cow and develop empathy towards the agony of Go-Mata. The younger generation also find it a fascinating experience. Youngsters join this activity in good numbers.

Every month mostly on Sunday such trips are organized to a nearby Goshala. We spend nearly half of the day. We feed the Go-Mata with our hands and feel blessed.


  • Creates respect for and bonding with Go-Mata
  • Understand the condition of the Go-Mata in the Goshala
  • New members get associated
  • Promotion of Go-Literature
  • Promotion of Go-products
  • Stress reliever and recreational
  • Creates bonding amongst the members


Achievement: We have been able to create a good relationship with most of the Goshalas near Kolkata and whenever possible extend necessary support to them.

Future target: Such activity should spread across all the cities of India.

How can you help us?

  1. You can spread the message of Go-shala Darshan among your contacts
  2. You can participate in the Go-shala Darshan.
  3. You can share knowledge on Gomata.
  4. You can join us as a volunteer by donating quality time.
  5. You can write a blog on this topic
  6. You can share any idea for improvement