Tree Plantation for Farmers’ Prosperity

Agriculture scientists and policy makers are of the opinion that paddy cultivation is not profitable in present time. Moreover it is water & labour intensive crop. Farmers trained by Goseva Parivar are gradually realizing that fruit plantation is far more economically lucrative with a stable income.

Therefore, Goseva Parivar is promoting and helping farmers to partially shift from paddy cultivation to organic fruit tree plantation by educating them about the technical know-how, providing financial support and arrangement of good quality fruit saplings. The survival rate of the trees planted under this project is very high because the farmers are the beneficiary as well as the owner and the caretaker of the saplings.

Since 2019, we have so far planted more than 2,50,000 fruit trees in the farms of 7000 farmers from 750 villages of West Bengal.

  • GosevaParivar has further taken an ambitious target of planting 20,00,000 fruit-trees on the fields of the farmers of West Bengal, which will go a long way in ensuring their economic growth.
    • 25,000 farmers will plant 80 plants each, covering more than 2500 villages.
    • Each farmer will be provided with a package of 80 saplings for creating a Fruit-Forest for himself.
    • 7-8 varieties out of 15 varieties of fruit-trees are selected based of the soil conditions of the plantation area. These are  Aam (Mango), Katahal (Jackfruit), Amla, Ber, Amrud (Guava), Nimbu (Lemon), Mausambi, TejPatta, Kela (Banana), Papita (Papaya), Chiku (Sapota), Sahajan (Moringa, Drumstick), Neem, Reetha (Soapnut), Nariyal (coconut), karonda.
    • Good quality saplings are being developed.
    • All plants will be grown organically and free from harmful chemicals.
    • The cost of sponsoring one Fruit-Forest for one farmer is
      ₹ 2000/- only.
    • For any query please contact Smt. Archana Agarwal: +91 9830351645

Benefits of tree plantation:

  • Improves quality of soil and prevents soil erosion.
  • Increases land’s water retention capacity.
  • Improves financial security of the farmers.
  • Gives better nutrition to villagers.
  • Provides grazing ground for Mother Cow.
  • Provides ample quantity of organic (poison-free) fruits in the market.

How can you help us?

  • You can spread the message of tree plantation among your contacts.
  • You can contribute for the saplings.
  • You can share your knowledge about tree plantation.
  • You can join us as a volunteer by donating quality time.
  • You can write a blog on this topic.
  • You can share any idea for improvement.