Biogas Plant for Fuel Sustainability

Rural-households still can’t afford the LPG cylinders to fulfill their fuel requirements. Many of them have to go to the nearby forests and fell trees for fuel. A considerable time and effort is wasted in this. On the other hand cow-dung is freely available in most of these households which is underutilized. This underutilized resource can be converted in a clean and green fuel with the help of biogas plants.

Based on our assessment of the household, we provide financial as well as technical support to the households for setting up a biogas plant. Every such household is also trained about the use of biogas plant.

Benefits of Biogas Plant:

  • Clean and smoke-less fuel
  • Free fuel for lifetime
  • It reduces the dependence on LPG, thereby help in saving foreign exchange.
  • It helps in curbing pollution
  • It helps in protecting trees and forests
  • It contributes towards women welfare and women empowerment
  • It produces high quality fertilizer, which is the byproduct of the plant-its slurry.
  • It helps in keeping the household clean
  • Helps preserve and protect Mother Cow.

Achievement: With the support of the generous donors, till date we have been able to install 75 biogas plants of 2 cubic meter size in individual household in several villages of West Bengal.

Next target: Though the requirement for biogas plant is huge, keeping in mind the limitations of resources, this year Goseva Parivar has taken an ambitious target of installing 500 new biogas plants, which will go a long way in preservation of Mother Cow and ensuring economic growth of the farmers of West Bengal.

How can you help us?

  1. You can spread the message of biogas plant among your contacts
  2. You can contribute for the biogas plants.
  3. You can share your knowledge about biogas plant.
  4. You can join us as a volunteer by donating quality time.
  5. You can write a blog on this topic
  6. You can share any idea for improvement