Cow dung’s (gobar) ash (bhasm) has a lot of qualities

If we study about Go Bhasm (ash) thoroughly, we find that it is necessary for us. Religious people like sadhus and sants look at it like Prasad ( holy food)….

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GoSeva with science

Usage of Cow Ghee ( Gai ka Ghee) according to diseases:- Insanity can get cured by putting Cow Ghee (Gai ka Ghee). Allergies gets finished by putting Cow Ghee (…

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GOGRAS Collection

GOSEVA PARIVAR has been daily collecting GOGRAS ( Eatables for cow like Roti, Green Vegetables, Dry Grains, Gur etc) from door to door and then sending it to the needy…

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Grassroots innovation? A fertiliser made of curd is reducing farming costs in Bihar

Jagarnath Prasad and Ajit Kumar, both marginal farmers, have reduced the cost of production and increased their income by using a concoction made from homemade curd in place of urea…

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Cheapest fuel launched by cow dung bio-gas

At Re 1 for 17km, cheapest bus in India fuelled by cow dung biogas launched in Kolkata Updated: Apr 01, 2017 10:37 IST The revered cow has a new utility,…

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