Connection of Tree plantation, Farmer and Cow

Trees represent an Interesting activity of learning newer views. It is also an extension of Our Body –
We Inhale Oxygen to Exhale Carbon Dioxide
Trees take in Carbon Dioxide to release Oxygen
Nature freely exchanges services for the benefits to all Three.
One Critical issue observed with Covid 19 is depleting of Oxygen in our Blood, during the presence of this Virus, without a warning.
Now, we can imagine the cost of the Oxygen – for Living at critical times as we need to pay for high oxygen intake, at short notice. Oxygen plays an Important Role for survival of humanity by building our Immunity too.
Farmers are the Best Choice to help us grow Trees – Saplings & Seeds are best developed by the Love of a farmer, for every ones benefit.
Trees are spaced to allow its growth above and below Land. Their leaf regenerates the environment. Roots take nutrients from soil to grow & binds the Soil strengthen Trunk and Branches to grow Fruits for our well being. Spacing is better utilized to graze Cows for our benefits.
Cows eat and move about for their good health while their excretes – cow dung and urine help the soil in a variety of ways, long forgotten with our newer technologies. Cows manure helps the farmers get clean fuel as well as good nutrients for Organic Fruits n Vegetables. Reflect Within

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