Donating Mother Cow

Most of the rural households have cattle ranging from zero to two. Having been trained about the use of gobar and gomutra of Mother Cow, there is a rise in demand for non-milking cows. Many times these farmers can’t afford to buy the cows therefore they need support to get cows to meet the requirement for gobar and gomutra.

After carefully assessing the need and intention of the applicant requesting for a cow, we arrange a non-milking cow (male or female) on the condition that he/she cannot sell them and have to take proper care of them. In case of death of the cattle, they should inform us. Our volunteers also keep an eye on them and ensure their safety.


  • Non-milking cows are being utilised profitably
  • Preservation of Mother Cow
  • Prosperity of farmers and the villages
  • Save cows from slaughter
  • Reduces burden of cow-shelters

Achievement: So far with the help of generous donors, we have arranged donation of 210 cows (mostly male) to the deserving farmers.

Next target: Though the requirement of cows is large, in view of the limited resources, this year Goseva Parivar has taken the ambitious target of providing 500 non-milking cows to the needy farmers.

How can you help us?

  1. You can spread the message of donating non-milking cows among your contacts
  2. You can contribute towards donating non-milking cows
  3. You can share your knowledge about donating non-milking cows
  4. You can join us as a volunteer by donating quality time
  5. You can write a blog on this topic
  6. You can share any idea for improvement