Masik Satsang

The Go Seva Parivar was an initiative by a few Go-Bhakt on November, 2014 in Kolkata at a Go-Bhakti Satsang. The Go-Bhakt Satsang program for Go-Mata of such a stature was the first ever in the city of Joy and is being continued since then.
The aim of this Go-Satsang is to plant the emotion of Go-Bhakti and drive them towards Go-Seva. It is inevitable that citizens of Kolkata do not see as much cow and thus Go-Seva Parivar has begun regular visits to Goshala (cow sheds). This initiative has rooted the feeling of respect and love for Gomata within members of each family and especially children.
Keeping up to the legacy that we have started, our next Satsang in the month March. Come join us to help all develop a feeling of love and respect towards cows and initiate a better living environment for those cows in need.

  • 08th Mar, 2020
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  • 08th Mar, 2020
  • 61 Pathuria Ghat Street, 2nd Floor, Kolkata