Go-Gram is the answer to Corona

The acute difficult times of Corona pandemic and lockdown have certainly proved that the Go Adharit (cow based) Self-reliant lifestyle is the permanent, safest and best solution to all the problems.

Again it has been proved that Goseva Parivar, Go Gram projects , not only saves the lives of cows but protects the farmers' families too, especially in this time of tremendous crisis.

Farmers are having organic food, a nutrition garden (kitchen garden) which has organic vegetables. They have own Gobar gas plant to take care of their fuel requirement and paanchgavya products which takes care of their routine health and medical needs. The farmer has his own pond, own trees with healthy fruits, Gobar khand ( cakes) for hawan (devine offering), self made cow ghee, toothpowder, dhoop, etc most of which are made by cow based and some indeginious items.

Our farmers don't have to go to the market to buy fertilisers, insecticides or pesticides. They are using Gobar and Gomutra to make their own natural, rich, feritle manure and effective insecticides too. The villagers who have their own cows and land do not need to depend on others.

In these times of crisis, our belief on our methodology has become stronger. Our enthusiasm to spead our methodology to more and more villages at a muxh faster pace has become stronger. Go adharit (based on) villages are the only route to ultimate prosperity in the world. This is the lesson we have learnt from Corona.

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