Go-Gram Sanrakshak

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  • Save 12 Cows from slaughter
    • make Three Farmers Self-Sufficient 
      • Add One Village in this Project, EVERY YEAR.

How: The only reason for cow-slaughter is that most of the farmers are ignorant about the benefits of non-milking cow and therefore the farmers consider non-milking cows as non-profitable and end up selling them to the butchers at a very small amount.  If these farmers can be educated about the use of non-milking cows through their gobar and gomutra, they will definitely not sale them. We utilize the member's subscription amount for the purpose of training and handholding (for one year) of the farmers on profitable use of gobar and gomutra. The training not only saves cow but also bring prosperity to the farmers. 

Goseva Parivar is regularly organizing training camps for the farmers at their place which makes the participation of the farmers very easy and convenient. We firmly believe that the training of the farmers, about the benefits of gobar and gomutra, is the only way to protect and preserve govansh. 

A well trained farmer with a family of 4 members requires gobar and gomutra of at least 4 govansh (cows), therefore each farmer will ultimately preserve minimum 4 govansh. We  usually take three farmers from each village. Onetime cost of training 3 farmers from a village and thereby preserving 12 govansh is 3600/-.

The equation is: 1 member = 1 Village = 3 Farmers = 12 Govansh = 3600/-

So far 2000 farmers from 600 villages have been trained under this project, thereby ensuring safety of 8000 govansh

The need is big but every drop in the ocean counts. In order to cover all the 40,000+ villages of West Bengal, we need more and more "Govats" members to join this movement. The more the Members and the faster we can cover all the villages. The ratio of member with time taken to cover all the 40000 villages of West Bengal is as follows:

1 member = 40,000 years

1000 members = 40 years

4000 members = 10 years

8000 members = 5 years

20000 members = 2 years

40000 members = 1 year

Become a “Go Gram Sanrakshak” member yourself and refer at least three of your friends/relatives to join this movement because the more the number of “Go-Gram Sanrakshak” members, the faster we can reach out to all the 40,000+ villages of West Bengal, thereby saving govansh from going to the butchers

Monthly contribution = 300/-

Yearly contribution = 3600/-

For any assistance please call our membership helpline number 8100330044


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