Akhil Bharati Marwari Mahila Samiti donates two Biogas Plants

As part of their environment protection initiative, Akhil Bharati Marwari Mahila Samiti, Kolkata sponsored installation of Biogas Plants in the houses of two poor farmers of Pathargudi and Soiband villages in West Midnapore. The farmers were also provided with four non-milking cows each, the gobar and gomutra of which will be used in the biogas plant. These cows who would otherwise have landed in the slaughter-house, will now be taken care of by the farmers. In addition to saving lives of Gomata, the other benefits of the Biogas plants are: supply of clean and free fuel, pollution control, reduce deforestation and its slurry serves as excellent organic manure for cultivation. 


The Samity’s Regional President Ms Renuji Agarwal along with Ms Saroj Garg, Ms Minakshi Kanodia, Ms.Manju Gupta, Ms.Pramila Jalan, Ms.Kusum Khandenwal, Ms.Nirmala Goenka and Ms.Poonam Agarwal graced the inauguration program with their esteemed presence, which was very successful thanks to the support of Ms Pragya Jhunjhunwala.

  • 06th Mar, 2020
  • Keshiary, West Mednipur, West Bengal, India