Visit of Shri Kadh Siddheshwari Swami Ji, the Mathashish of Kaneri Math Kolhapur

Respected Swamiji of Kaneri Math visited some villages in Bardhaman district on 9th September 2019 to see for himself the impact of GoGram Vikas work of Goseva Parivar. During the trip Shri Sunil Mansinghka ji along with Swamiji and a group of volunteers travelled on foot for about 6 km to GoaShumbo, Banka, Pasi and Bazar villages. Enthusiasm of all villagers was at its peak and there was a flood of people singing and dancing along the entire tour of Swamiji. After the padyatra, a sermon session was held in Bajaar Village where Swamiji underlined the difference between indigenous cow and foreign Jersey animal. He explained in great details the importance of indigenous cow, the miraculous qualities of cow dung and urine. He preached about the benefits of use of cow urine and cowdung in organic farming, ill effects of chemicals in agriculture and the present need of organic agriculture for ground water and environment protection. After Swami ji's discourse, Shri Sunil ji also gave his views on the need of indigenous cow breeding. After hearing about the glory of indigenous cows and the importance of cow dung and urine, the villagers resolved to keep indigenous cows and practise organic farming.Thereafter, Swamiji concluded the meeting with distribution clothes to 50 Gopalaks.

Swami ji deeply appreciated the good work of the GoSeva Parivar and invited the volunteers to come to Kaneri Math.The GoSeva Parivar believes that Swamiji's visit will have long-standing impact on them.