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Dhenu sadanam rayeenaam, Atharvaveda 11.1.34


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The aforementioned sloka beautifully captures the intricate knowledge about the wonderful creation of life as gained by the Vedic sages. The cow was revered profoundly special and was regarded as a boon to humanity in ancient India. The Vedic seers named her the mother, that is, the ultimate source of nourishment.

The mighty bovine has earned a reasonable amount of attention and citations that go beyond the Vedic scriptures and can be traced back to the historic texts discovered in other civilization around the world, such as Rome, Mesopotamia, and Greece.

While the Greeks called her Lo, the Nordics referred to the animal as Audhumbla, the primordial cow who is believed to have brought mankind on the earth by licking ice. The Egyptians worshipped the cow as Hathor, the Goddess of creation and fertility, and the Indus civilization mentioned her as the Kamdhenu.

It is said that the name Gautama, one of the many names of Buddha, was derived from gau and uttama that mean cow and noblest respectively. Hence, the word Gautama can be translated as the greatest cow.  For the uninitiated, the most sacred pilgrimage among the followers of Buddha is the Bodh Gaya, where the term Gaya is just another apt synonym for the cow. Furthermore, gau also suggests the pristine white skin of the cows and hence, Gautama can also be translated as the ultimate, white, beam of light.

The annals of Sir Cunningham is preserved by the National Archives of India, where he made a sketch of the cow and her calf on its third page along with elaborating on the various advantages of saving the cow, without violating the scope of scientific principles and logical validations.

It is believed that when an individual feeds a cow on a regular basis, and if she licks that person’s forehead, then it awakens one’s dormant mental abilities. It is said to be true for Saint Kabir, the great poet, whose poetic side did not surface until a cow licked his head. Doing service to the calf opens the window of opportunity for a person to enjoy the bliss of healthy relationships in one’s life. Massaging the cow entitles an individual a beautiful and strong physique while increasing one’s life expectancy.

Sadly, today, this priceless animal is abused, ignored, abandoned, exploited, and murdered for serving the selfish motives and the vested interests of the greedy humans.

Not anymore! We at GoSeva Parivar are engaged in a relentless pursuit of creating awareness about preserving this endangered species with the help of several social initiatives and public activities. Selfie with GoMata is one of them. The rules of the said contest are illustrated below in brief.