About Us

The Goseva Parivar is a non-government organisation. The Bengal-based charitable trust was formed in November of 2014 by a selective group of fifteen zealous social workers from Kolkata.

The highly energetic team members, always brimming with positivity and enthusiasm, are every-busy in accomplishing the common objectives of the Goseva Parivar.

The primary goal of this not-for-profit body is to ensure the protection and welfare of the GoMata, the endangered cow, through umpteen number of collective works and social measures being planned and accordingly implemented round the year in a phased manner.

Today, we have come a really long way in cow-welfare activities and are leaving no stones unturned in spreading awareness about the various benefits of protecting these priceless animals, by making our presence strongly felt among an increasing number of like-minded individuals across the country.

Our volunteers and office workers are working day and night in sharing knowledge about the tell-tale advantages of saving the GoMata and her progeny through numerous activities and across different media. It is evident that the cows and their calves can only feel safe when the people who take care of them start seeing the incredible value and immense benefit in doing do, which goes beyond milk and covers their excrements as well, such as gomutra and gobar, that are, cow urine and the dungs respectively.

Presently our activities are spread across Kolkata, Howrah, and over three-hundred villages in the rural Bengal.


  • An entire team of devoted karyakartas, that is, non-paid volunteers who are responsible for planning and supervising the activities of the organisation
  • Donors for funding the expenses of the Goseva Parivar
  • Full-time employees to execute the different programmes being pursued by the organisation and manage its routine tasks on a daily basis

The Goseva Parivar firmly believes that it is simply impossible to sustain the human civilisation on the earth without ensuring the very existence of the cow in the first place. As a matter of fact, we need the GoMata more than she needs the mortal humans, and by serving her, we are helping to prevent the dying humanity on the planet from gradually fading into the ultimate oblivion. The prosperity of the humankind is largely dependent on the well-being of this endangered animal.

Perhaps, it will not be a sheer exaggeration to say, every time a cow is slaughtered, a part of humanity is lost forever.