Draw for Tree Plantation drawing competition

Trees provide us oxygen, hence they are the source of sustenance of our lives. Where there are no trees, life dries up, deserts being a living example of this.
Goseva Parivar organised a drawing competition in May 2020 to highlight the importance of plantation and its impact on lives of farmers. At a macro level, plantation has a huge impact on the cow cattle, the village and the environment, lending a greater significance to this subject.

The competition which was open to all was divided into 5 ages groups, each age group having a provision for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes. 50 trees will be planted in the name of 1st prize winner, 25 trees for 2nd prize, 10 trees for 3rd prize and one tree for all other participants. Each sapling costs Rs.50. There is also a provision to take all the winners for a village trip.

The drawing competition on the topic Plantation for Farmers' Prosperity was a huge success. A total of 184 persons participated in this competition, the results of which were announced in July 2020. The list of 21 winners is as follows:

Group 1 (upto 7 years)
1st prize- Arihant Biswas & Debrin Chakraborty
2nd prize- Sashi Dhar
3rd prize- Adriman Dutta

Group 2 (7+ to 12 years)
1st prize- Titas Das
2nd prize- Dhansita Das
3rd prize- Srijita Ghosh & Trishnajit Mondal

Group 3 (12+ to 18 years)
1st prize- Payal Roy
2nd prize- Pragya Shah & Katharup Pramanik
3rd prize- Madhurima Mehta

Group 4 (18+ to 25 years)
1st prize- Sayini Mondal (physically challenged-used her feet for drawing)
2nd prize- Shubham Patra & Niloy Sarkar
3rd prize- Noorjahan Khatoon

Group 5 (25+ years)
1st prize- Tapas Mukherjee
2nd prize- Kajari Kundu
3rd prize- Ajay Asopa, Riyanka Roy & Kamini Singhania

Certificates will be issued to all winners and participants.
The first phase of the plantation program is scheduled to start on 26th July 2020. Last year plantation of 40,000 trees was done and the target for this year is 2 lakh trees.
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  • 02nd Jul, 2020