I am Shri BisnuPada Sau, village Kasipur PO Keshiary, District W Mednipur. I am a prantik farmer. I have total land of about 1.5acres out of which in 15 decimal land I started organic farming for the last 2 years on an experimental basis relying on Gau Seva Parivar.

I am using Amrit water and Cow urine as pesticide. In the 1st year though the output of paddy was less, but next year it produced the same quantity of paddy as when I used to use chemical pesticides.

This year my expense on cultivating on the same land using organic pesticide was Rs70 only, whereas I used to spend Rs 4000 earlier on chemical pesticides. So I have decided that in the coming years I will cultivate my entire land of 1.5 acres using gomutra and gobar based organic farming. I also encourage other neighbourhood farmers to go for organic farming as it is a profitable proposition.

  • 05 December 2019